Our Love Story

Bride and Groom-28The Story of Us (part 1)

Don’t you just love a good love story? I sure do! I recently watched a 4 season (22 episodes each season) fiction series on Netflix within a few weeks just because of the sweet love story that had me hooked in the pilot. The Notebook, Titanic, Twilight (yes, Twilight) are all some of my favorite movies of all time just because of the love stories in each movie!

Now I may be bias but even after the many TV shows, movies, and even books I have read I must say, my favorite love story is ours.

It’s hard to remember a day before I met my husband, Seth because those were days I don’t like to recall as often. But like every story in our lives, the story of my single life is just as important as the story of our relationship.

I was 25 years old, working full time as an administrative assistant at a dentist office and taking classes in the evening when Seth came into my life. I was coming out of a season where I felt lonely, praying every day and asking for the Lord to bring me my husband.

As a 25-year-old, it was hard to find a good, Jesus loving man who was still single. Honestly, they were quite impossible to find!

A friend and my roommate at the time talked me into online dating, said it was a great resource for her when it came to dating and suggested I try it as well. Now, I will be honest and say that was the LAST place I thought I would find my husband and I thought I was way too good for online dating. But, the Lord works in mysterious ways and even He uses the internet to answer prayers!

So, I created an eHarmony profile. It took me 4 hours to create a profile, I spent way too much money on the subscription, and I over analyzed every picture and description I posted. And at the same time, I excitedly waited on what profile pictures would be revealed with my $150ish dollar purchase. Seth didn’t pop up right away, I actually went on 2 dates prior to meeting him. It was 3 months into the “makes or breaks” and the “long answered questions” when a shirtless, very fit, soccer player popped up as one of my matches. After reviewing his profile pictures, I was instantly interested and sent him a “smile” right away. (this is like a poke on Facebook but online dating style)

Lucky for me, Seth viewed my profile description before looking at my pictures and he was also interested right away. His story is a little different but also similar. His friend and roommate talked him into the online dating world but, he took it a bit further and created Seth’s profile for him. You see, Seth and his friend knew each other since they were seven, and so, his friend created the profile as if he were Seth, answering the questions and creating the profile as if he were Seth himself. My profile came up as an instant match and after a credit card payment, he could view my pictures.

I guess a picture is worth 1,000 words because he returned the “smile” with a message through the site. I will never forget the first message he sent, it said: “Hey, how was your weekend?” Another thing to know about dating through the website, is they have all these guidelines in place. They believe their way to communicate and get to know someone should go through steps and emailing someone right away was very hard to do and discouraged. To say the least, I was impressed.

We communicated for 2 weeks; first email, then text, then a couple phone calls and then we had our first date. It was love at first site, truthfully.


The Story of Us (Part 2)

Getting to know each other has been the most fun times of our growing love. I learn things about Seth constantly, almost every day. On our first date, he told me about his time as a child actor, and just this morning I learned that he begins every work day reading Proverbs.

I remember when I learned that he is a Pastor’s Kid, and not just a Pastor’s Kid, but a Pastor’s Kid who has a Pastor’s kid as a mom and a dad. I was visiting church with him for the first time and he pointed to the TV where the service was broadcasted on and he said, “that’s my dad.” I thought, his dad is on stage, does that make him the pastor? And then I laughed and thought, “wow, thank you Lord for answered prayers.”

Okay, it wasn’t my prayer to marry a Pastor’s kid but, it was my desire to find a man to lead me to the alter. I had been a believer for a long part of my life but prior to meeting Seth, I always went to church by myself. I longed to find a partner who would hold my hand during a service and even encourage me to believe whole heartedly. I longed for a man who would make my relationship with the Lord greater, greater than I could make it on my own, and Seth was that man.

I later found out about his time at college and how he needed an extra class to make up some credits. He told me about the long list of electives (about 75) to choose from and then deciding on Deaf Culture. Deaf Culture was a class taught by a professor who was 100% deaf and used sign language as well as deaf voice to teach. He taught about the life as a deaf person and how they respond, react, and live life every day. Seth loved that elective and still speaks of it often. What a blessing that elective class has been to me because I identify as a CODA, child of a deaf adult.

I share these stories with you because they are evidence of God’s plan to our marriage. You see, God made Seth to be MY husband. He prepared Seth to live his life with me before we even met. When I was single, I prayed so often to meet my husband and I would be so sad when a relationship didn’t work out. But now I understand why.

Friend, if you are still waiting to meet the one God has chosen for you, I encourage you to TRUST. Trust His timing, and His plan, and His person for you. Because not only is Seth the one He chose for me to marry, but Seth is the one He chose for me to walk this journey of infertility with.