25 Reasons Why Infertility Sucks

“Sucks” is probably one of my top ten least favorite words and yet I still cannot think of a word to better fit my current situation.

Because, it really sucks.

Here are 25 reasons why infertility sucks:

1. you have to take a lot of medication
2. you go to the doctor more often then you go to the gym
3. you are always counting the days
4. you are at the mercy of the doctors, nurses, and pharmacist
5. your insurance doesn’t pay for anything
6. you can’t make any plans further than 2 weeks out
7. you cannot travel further then south Florida
8. there is always an issue when it comes to getting the medications
9. everyone has or knows a success story and they feel the need to share it with you
10. you are always on the verge of tears
11. you are always questioning that glass of wine
12. you live like you are pregnant even when you aren’t
13. the doctor’s office is on the other side of town
14. the inside of your elbows are always bruised from giving blood
15. the ultrasound machine gets more action than your husband
16. no matter how many ways you try, you can never fully explain how you are feeling
17. you worry your friends will use the baby name you have picked out
18. sometimes you cry when you hear a good song on the radio
19. you are constantly questioning what your priorities are
20. the hormones are awful
21. you believe that every procedure is “the one”
22. you spend way too much money on pregnancy tests
23. your PTO is spent on doctors appointments and procedure days rather than vacation
24. you are always giving bad news
25. no one really understands what you are going through unless they lived it themselves.

There you go, 25 reasons why infertility sucks. You may be reading this and have a few more to add to the list. Because the truth is, there are many reasons why infertility sucks and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

Lately, the journey has been much harder to understand. Last week, Seth and I were with our family to begin a long-awaited vacation on a cruise to Cuba. We were on the ship, checked into our cabin, and sitting down for lunch on the top deck when I got the phone call.

Long story short, Cuba has had known cases of the Zika virus and if we travel to Cuba, our doctor would not see us for another 6 months and we would need to restart the treatment from the beginning. We weighed the odds then took a walk to the concierge to be escorted off the ship before it was to depart in less than 30 minutes.

Can you imagine what an emotional moment this was?

This is just one story of the anger and sadness I have felt over the last three years. I could share a number of stories but I won’t torment you with all the negativity.

I share this list with you because it is not an easy subject to navigate. I share these thoughts with you because I tend to say what everyone else is thinking and today, I want to be the voice of the one in eight who are struggling with me.

Friend, here are 25 reasons you can pray for me and for the woman who is fighting the battle of infertility.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. -Romans 12:12

2 thoughts on “25 Reasons Why Infertility Sucks

  1. Sydney Weimer

    “ delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”. I comfort myself with this promise when I remember that it is He Who placed that desire in my heart to begin with. You WILL have that baby…Exactly when and how He chooses🎁!! No, you don’t know me but I adore your in-laws and will be praying for you🙏🏼💕


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